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What is the Valley Girls Ride (VGR) in Honor of Marsha Sorensen?
VGR is an all female, non-competitive bicycle event.
What rides do you offer?
There are five distances for riders to choose from. Please see link for more information: http://www.valleygirlsride.com/course.htm
What is the purpose of the Valley Girls Ride (VGR) in Honor of Marsha Sorensen?
VGR promotes camaraderie among women riders and raises funds for local charities.
Who hosts the VGR in Honor of Marsha Sorensen?
The host is CVCCA, who is a non-profit (501) (c) (3); CVCCA is also known as Parker’s Team, who has continually donated nearly $100,000 yearly to charities since 2006.
Is there help in getting ready to participate in the VGR event?
Patty Thompson and coaches from CVCCA start rides late July and early August. For more details and information see the website: http://www.clovishillswow.com/
Where do I get more information about CVCCA?
Please refer to the website for all additional information: http://www.cvcca.org/
Is wearing safety gear mandatory?
You must wear a helmet if you are to participate in the VGR event. All other kinds of available biking gear are personal preference. (i.e. gloves, bike shorts, etc.)
Will there be support if my tire is flat?
You must be prepared for any circumstances you will possibly occur while participating in the VGR event. But there are SAG (support and gear) vehicles and Bike patrols out and about to provide additional help.
Will the roads be closed during the event?
No the roads will be open for regular traffic. Any questions about Bicycle Laws in California or safety tips please see additional information below and following website. http://bmv.ca.gov/about/bicycle.html

Safety, courtesy, and ethics are the mechanisms that reduce the risks of bicycling danger. Everyone wants to have a safe, and enjoyable event for years and years to come. As a guest in the neighborhoods and rural areas along the route please kindly do not litter, block driveways, or businesses.
Additional Safety Tips:

  1. Wear appropriate safety gear. (Helmet is mandatory)
  2. Ride single file.
  3. Obey local traffic laws.
  4. Ride safely and be courteous to other riders by pointing out hazards or other riders.
  5. Carry your photo ID and medical card (or copies) while participating in VGR event.
  6. Be sure your equipment is in working order.
  7. Do not operate anything but your bicycle while you are riding, (i.e. music, phones, etc.)
  8. If there is an accident, please be safe and announce stopping. If help is needed stop and call 911.

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